It's now officially spring here at the Jersey Shore and residents are looking forward to being able to get out and get some fresh air and sightseeing in and one place full of sights is Asbury Park, Monmouth County.

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Asbury Park is home to some of the best street art you will find anywhere here in New Jersey and the works of art are impressive. Over the years I have been able to visit Asbury Park and bring my camera to capture photos of these great street visuals. If you visit Asbury Park you can find various street artworks almost at every corner. These art pieces are everywhere and if you get out on foot and do a city stroll you will be able to enjoy these artists' work in person, which I highly recommend. Some of the projects are enormous and seeing them in person you see how complex and detailed these giant paintings are.

These various street art projects give Asbury Park a unique look and feel that you just can't find everywhere, whether here in New Jersey or around the nation.

I decided since it is now spring and we are thinking about being outdoors, to share the art I have photographed with you with this wonderful photo gallery. So many different looks and colors and subjects. I think you will enjoy and like I said go see them in person this spring and take a nice stroll through eclectic Asbury Park, see how many of my photos you can spot when you go. Enjoy these beauties Thank you to all the artists who have brought this art to life in Asbury Park, truly wonderful.


The Art of Asbury Park

Fantastic Street Art in Asbury park


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