The owner of a pizzeria located on the Ocean City boardwalk has admitted that he failed to report approximately $682,000 of his income over the past two years.

John Gaeta Jr., owner of Big Slice Pizza, has pleaded guilty to two counts of filing false tax returns and will face up to three years in prison as well as additional fines that will be determined on February 3rd when he is sentenced.

After failing to claim $375,882 in 2012 and $307,669 in 2013, Gaeta cheated the government from an astounding amount of $85,552.

"IRS-Criminal Investigation's largest enforcement area is directed at individuals and businesses that intentionally attempt to cheat the government by not paying their fair share of taxes," said IRS special agent Johnathan Larsen. "(The) guilty plea by Mr. Gaeta is another example of how serious we take tax offenses and that we will continue to vigorously pursue these types of investigations."

I personally do not understand the idea of evading your taxes because eventually, it will catch up and you will end up paying much more than you would have had you originally complied.

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