There are new normals in every corner of our lives during the coronavirus pandemic. How is the Jersey Shore doing so far?

I did a little informal survey to grade of some of the things we need to do to stay healthy these days and we came up with some early grades. This isn't scientific or carved in stone, so if you want to share your experiences, please do. Grades are subject to change...

Sharing...F... When you can't find toilet paper, you can't really expect a higher grade, can you?

Social distancing...Around here, a B. We've heard stories around the country of blatant disregard for this, but here at the Shore most people report decent compliance.

Neighborly love...Caring for our neighbors, especially those in higher risk groups is a specialty of ours here at the Jersey Shore and residents have given us enough to give this an A.

Strength. We're all scared, let's be honest, but our ability to find the positives and share them and our ability to even find some humor amidst the reality of all this is impressive. The strength of the Jersey Shore is a big A.

So, overall, the only low mark is for sharing and that certainly was not limited to the Jersey Shore, and while that whole thing is a little ridiculous, we did get a lot of unbelievable things thrown at us at once in the past month, so I'd like to take a long pause before judging anyone.

Let's just do the best we can from this moment forward, care for our families and each other and we'll get through this...together.

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