One week ago, we graded Jersey Shore residents on certain aspects of their response to coronavirus, and now it's time to update to update the report card.

There was not a lot of room for improvement from last week's grades, but we did get a failing grade for 'sharing'. Let's see how we did this week.

Sharing (last week F). This week we did make some progress. The lack of toilet paper and other items may have more to do with suppliers catching up than our hoarding. This week we get a C.

Social Distancing. (last week B) We still have reports of social distancing rules being ignored but they are not as numerous as last week. Most people are taking it seriously. This week B+.

Neighborly love (last week A). When the chips are down, we are some of the most neighborly people on the planet here at the Shore. Add in the medical heroes, truck drivers, pharmacy and grocery store workers, first responders and all the others on the front lines, it's time to bump that grade to an A+

Strength. (last week A) We all remain different degrees of frightened, and we are enduring bigger numbers each day, and yet we remain positive, strong and resilient. The tougher it gets, the stronger the Jersey Shore seems to get. This week we're an A+

All in all, I give the Jersey Shore a great deal of credit for the way we are handling this unprecedented time, and I am proud to live among the strongest most selfless people on the planet.

When the going gets tough, the Shore gets going!

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