Okay, listen up Jersey Shore!

I know a lot of my posts have been revolving around our beaches these days: don't litter on the beach, what are those dark sand spots on the beach, should foxes be on the beach and who knows what else. I'M OBSESSED!

And that is because myself and my dog Carolina LOVE the beach. It is our happy place.

And if we don't take care of them, that is it. There are no second chances.

Well this post is about to get to a new level because this past weekend, I could not believe what I was seeing during one of my doggie beach trips.


I actually saw a person STANDING ON THE SAND DUNES with my own eyes. I was flabbergasted.

The beaches are a mess and the sand distribution is all over the place where the majority of the dividers and fences are buried.

But here...they are visible. Can't tell by the photo above? Look below:

Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray

That red arrow is pointing to the fence that notifies the public of where they should not cross.

And listen....I am sure a lot of people are saying "The person is only a foot over the boundary...what is the big deal?"

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There is a reason that you can be fined $1,000 if you are caught on the sand dunes. These piles of sand are a line of defense between Mother Nature and our precious Jersey Shore. Need I remind you of Sandy?

And yes, you can damage our sand dunes by simply standing there. You destroy the grass and plants that are there to hold the sand dunes together.

I am not really sure why this person couldn't stand 10 feet to their right -- they would have been off the sand dunes but still enjoying the beautiful views of the beach.

And keep in mind that simply standing on the sand dunes like this is where it starts.

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First you will see someone standing where they are not supposed to. Once others see this, they will start running over them and then before you know it, it will become a rule that visitors will not take seriously.

We must set the example.

There is no such thing as breaking a rule "a little bit." You either follow the rules or you don't and this is not following the rules.

Keep off the sand dunes means KEEP OFF THE SAND DUNES.

And if anyone is caught doing this after sand replenishment takes place, I will be flipping the metaphorical table in my mind because that process is expensive and time consuming.

Please....PlEaSe....please....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE --> stay off our sand dunes.

I thank you in advance as we gear up for a wild Summer.

Nicole S Murray.

And let's finish off on a positive note of my dog, Carolina, living her best life on the beach that we have to take care of so it can last.

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