For those who surf in New Jersey, you know 2022 has been a great year for waves. The winter swells were fantastic, and the spring was very fun, but now we are unfortunately in the dead season. Sometimes we get a couple of fun days in the summer, but for the most part we just waiting for hurricane season.

I live and usually surf in Belmar, but I enjoy traveling over the bridge to spend time in Ocean County. I think Bay Head is easily one of the best surfing spots in New Jersey. There's something about surfing there, the waves are simply bigger and better than many other Jersey Shore surfing spots. For example, Monday, January 17th, during winter storm Izzy, New Jersey professional surfer Ben Gravy caught a 20 ft. wave. Yes, it was 20 ft, maybe even bigger. See the video below!

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A BIG shoutout to Ben Gravy for snagging that wave. Some say it was the biggest wave that has ever been surfed in New Jersey. Do you agree?!

Where is your favorite surfing spot? Asbury Park? Manasquan? There are a ton of great spots up and down the Jersey Shore.

Most importantly, now is the perfect time for beginners to try surfing. It's a fun hobby, it feels great to be out in the water, and it's a tremendous work out. I put together the 10 best local surf shops in Monmouth & Ocean County. These surf shops are local, and they offer the best equipment. Buy a board, grab some gear, and get in the water. See you out there! The full list in no particular order is below:

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