It's April and in just a few weeks it will be Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start to our 2022 Jersey Shore summer. I think everyone is looking forward to sunshine, fresh air, and days at our beautiful beaches here along the Jersey coast.


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That being said, it will also be time to see more surfers hitting the Jersey Shore beaches. We have many that surf all year long, but usually we will see more boards in the waves during the summer months.



Before we take a look at some of the "surfing" photos I have from my collection, I just wanna say I tried once to surf and after that day I understand why I am better off with a camera on the beach.

I'll be honest I do enjoy taking pics of folks surfing it's always interesting because you don't know how a ride is going to go and it happens fast so sometimes you get a cool action photo and sometimes you get a mess.

I also enjoy taking photos of surfers just hanging out, let's face it you look cool just carrying a surfboard lol maybe I should just go to the beach and walk around holding one lol I can say "Hey Surfs Up!" ok maybe not.

Check out some of my surf photos below and if you have ones you want to share please go ahead, love to see them.




Surfing at the Jersey Shore

Photos of beach lovers having fun in the surf here at the Jersey Shore


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