The 'Missed Connections' section of Craigslist is an...interesting place, and if you've never perused it, prepared for posts ranging from the sweet to the creepy to the just downright sad.

When it comes to the actual places where people are convinced they met the love of their life, it turns out each state has it's own particular hotspot for lost love. So where are Jerseyans most likely to experience a 'missed connection'?

If you're like me and were thinking it was at Starbucks or maybe on the Parkway, you're wrong!

According to a map by Dorothy Gambrell from Psychology Today, it's something else to blame on NJ Transit, as 'train' was the most common spot.

missed connections map
Dorothy Gambrell, PsychologyToday

Makes sense, just from the sheer amount of people taking the train throughout the day!

One of the most popular places across the country was Walmart, topping the list in 15 states.

And has for who's doing the searching? Shouldn't be much of a surprise that it's mostly guys, with 59% of all 'missed connection' posts coming from men looking for women and 27% from men looking for men.

Can we talk about Indiana's results though? At home? How does that even happen?

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