There's no question that both Governor Christie and Bruce Springsteen play politics. The question is with all the politics being played, will Bruce play Revel Casino?

Governor Christie publicly called on Springsteen to perform there, but with the Governor and Bruce not on the same political page, will this be a decision that's good for a political party or good for everyone in the Garden State?

Here's what I think.

The success of Revel Casino is important for each resident of New Jersey because if it doesn't work out, it's going to cost us all money, and nobody wants that.

There's certainly no doubting Gov. Christie's love for Springsteen's music (he's seen him live over a hundred times), so there's no surprise that Christie would want him to be the featured act. Granted, when the Governor publically called on Bruce to perform, it wasn't an accident. I don't think Gov. Christie ever says anything that isn't carefully thought out.

I just hope that the decision isn't made one way or the other based on politics.

We all love Bruce and we all want to see the state grow. It seems like a perfect combination.

The state can certainly use a boost and now is not the time to put any agenda ahead of that. We love you Bruce. You represent so many of the good things we love about the Garden State. Do it if you can!

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