It's another cold and flu season at the Jersey Shore, and no one wants to get sick. Experts have compiled a list of things you should never touch.

Do you want to stay as healthy as possible this season? Of course you do. So here's a list of 5 of the things doctors say you shouldn't touch if you want to avoid the germiest places of them all, according to Eat This Not That.

Popular office items. Maybe it's the 'brew' button on the office Keurig or the handle on the water cooler, but whatever it is remember how many germy hands touched it before you.

Menus...when you go out for a nice meal at your favorite restaurant, remember everybody in town and their kids were all over that menu you're browsing through.

Electronic pens...You know the pen that's attached to the credit/debit card machine at the checkout, right? Just think about how many fingers have been on that this week.

Air dryers...after you wash your hands in a public restroom, you use the air dryer and think you're safe because you're not touching anythiing, but a study showed  that petri dishes that were exposed to the hot air from one for 30 seconds grew up to 254 colonies of bacteria. Yuck.

Hand sanitizer pump...when you go for a squirt of the stuff that will rid your hands of 99% of germs, remember the last hand that touched that pump still had 100% of germs on their hand. The sanitizer will clean it off in most instances, but if you've pumped an empty one by accident, beware.

There are many others, some you've thought of and some you haven't, so check out the full list at Eat This Not That, and stay healthy!

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