I have to say, I'm pretty in love with this. Kevin Smith is about to sprinkle some stardust on Jersey again when the much awaited Clerks III films here next month!  It's been years coming and now it is really happening.

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We've been waiting Kevin!!!  Many versions of the script were considered but now it's gonna be lights, camera action!  He took to IG to to post about it:

“Passion is key to any creative endeavor, but patience and persistence are just as essential,”

1994 was a good year for convenience stores and now that we are in reboot mode like never before Kev knew it was time to pick up the pen during the pandemic. It wouldn't be Clerks if it was filmed anywhere else so Kevin is keepin' it real by doing it in his home state.  We see you...originally from Red Bank, growing up in Highlands. I love that he always shouts us out.

It looks like Lionsgate is funding “Clerks III,” and we'll get to see it in theaters in 2022.  Now I want to stop at Quick Stop.  Read more original reporting from nj.com here.

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