It is always nice to see a local town being spotlighted for something positive and the light is shining in Keyport according to a recent publication.

The website Cheapism has chosen Keyport as the most underrated town in New Jersey, and in a time where every town can use a boost with some good publicity, Keyport is getting exactly that. Among the things the website focused on was the quaint small town feel, the farmers markets and the waterside recreation among other things.

In a digital world where Atlantic City and Cape May seem to hog any positive spotlight New Jersey gets, it’s always nice to see one of our local towns get the recognition it deserves for a change. So, congratulations to Keyport for the nice honor and congratulations to Cheapism for the acknowledgment.

There are so many things that make Keyport an amazing and unique town. And of course you can add ‘most underrated town in New Jersey' to the list. If you want to learn more about this amazing Monmouth County town, just visit their website.

And remember Keyport businesses when you are making purchases. It’s so important to buy local! There are so many great businesses in what the town's website calls the 'pearl of the Bayshore'.

And while you are visiting the website, you can get all the information on the The Keyport Bayfront Business Cooperative. The KBBC is the management body for the Keyport Business Improvement District.

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