One of my favorite Jersey Shore establishments is Leggett's Sand Bar. Since becoming a local radio personality, I have built an awesome working relationship with the team at Leggett's. I am very thankful for our friendship!

They have a great staff, the bartenders are on point, and the food is always delicious. Honestly, they make it very easy for me to say good things about them.

The Monmouth County landmark is on 1st Ave in Manasquan and its open 7 Days a week from 11:30am to 2am. This place is the Jersey Shore’s #1 destination location for a great time. Leggett's has daily specials, and they can guarantee that this summer is going to be a blast. I hope you are ready because warm weather celebrations are right around the corner.

The next time you are at Leggett's, make sure you order the pizza you see below.

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Jimmy G Picture
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It's called the Wise Guy pizza and I think it's one of the best specialty pizzas at the Jersey Shore. You have to try it! It's made with breaded chicken and hot peppers.

Over ten years ago, me and my family went to Leggett's bingo, and we wanted to order something unique, so we got a large Wise Guy pizza. Ever since then, it has been my go-to order. If there was a New Jersey Pizza Hall of Fame, I truly believe the Wise Guy from Leggett's would be in it. They have a ton of other great pizzas too!

What other Jersey Shore specialty pizzas are too good not to try? COMMENT & SHARE!

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