The day when your man is supposed to show you just how much he loves you, Valentine's Day, is exactly one month away, and I want to make sure we are giving guys the opportunity to make the right choices.

This time around, we're not going to talk about shopping and flowers, jewelry and candy. Those are great, but we'll save that for another day. Today, I want to talk about chores. Yep, good old household chores. What do chores have to do with Valentine's Day? Maybe everything.

I'm not saying guys shouildn't buy you some nice things for Valentine's Day...they should, you deserve it. But wouldn't it be nice if he also offered to relieve you of some of the chores that soak up so much of your time day in and day out. I think the answer is yes.

Maybe it's tackling the bathroom, that mountain of laundry, or just watching the kids so you can get your nails done or just have some time for yourself to do whatever you want. Maybe it's actually washing a dish after he uses it, or maybe it's just picking SOMETHING up or putting SOMETHING away!

Whatever chore or chores you want him to do to help you out, you should let him know now so you have time to train him to do it the right way (your way), so you don't have to spend  February 15th re-doing his gift. Good luck!

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