Nothing says love like paying your spouse or partner to do the dishes. Wait..what? Yes, it's true. Meet the couple who pay each other cash to do the chores.

Think about it for a minute. $40 to do the dishes, or $24 an hour to watch the kids. or how about a cool $20 bill to put the kids to bed? Sounds like a good idea to you? Well, according to, that is exactly what Portland, Oregon couple Daniel Reeves and Bethany Soule do. And they love it.

According to the report, the couple bids on the chores, and the lowest bidder gets the job. Some experts who were asked about the practice seem to think it's just fine, and it certainly works for the couple, who have been together for nine years and have 2 children.

So, with Valentine's Day upon us, remember the couple who has found that the best way to show each other they appreciate the work the other does around the house is with cold hard cash. Now that's romance!


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