Just when you think there's never anything good on Facebook, a gem like this comes along and restores your faith in humor humanity.

Find out how one woman motivated her husband to help around the house!

Karen Alpert, author of the Baby Sideburns blog, shared a hilarious picture on her blog's Facebook page.

She captioned it, 'My daughter's sticker chart went so well, I decided maybe hubby needed a little motivation too. Hells yeah, getting s*** done!'

Daddy Sticker Chart
Baby Sideburns/Facebook

Every time he washes dishes, Daddy Sideburns gets one step closer to a 12-pack of his favorite beer. Pack the kids' lunches enough times, and pick up a 'get out of the dog house free' card! Clean up throw up? Well...that gets him something I won't print here. (You can check out the uncensored photo here.)

Some people might find this offensive, and to you I say, lighten up, because this is hysterical.

Well done, Ms. Alpert!

What do you think of the Daddy Sticker Chart? What would you put on yours? Tell us in the comment section below!

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