I don’t know how this happened, but tacos became America’s favorite food and I don’t think anyone is mad about it.

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Taco Tuesday is celebrated like it’s Cinco De Mayo every week.

There are a plethora of Mexican restaurants in New Jersey and taco food trucks are a big hit here.

Everyone has their own opinion on the best way to make a taco but regardless, it’s a fan favorite.

Jeswin Thomas via Unsplash
Jeswin Thomas via Unsplash

Now it’s time for your mind to be blown when I tell you that there is a taco festival happening in New Jersey in September.

This is apparently the seventh annual festival and I’m kicking myself for my knowing this existed for that long.

The NJ Taco Festival is a full-on festival with not only all the tacos you can get your hands on, but live music and entertainment like a wrestling ring, a Margarita Mix-Down, games for the kids to play, and one of the main events, aside from the tacos of course, is a full stage schedule for a pepper eating contest.

Now I’m new to this festival, but if I had to guess, these peppers are not ones you’re pairing with sausage on a roll. These are HOT. Nothing like watching people eat a bunch of ghost peppers for fun, right?

Now if you own a restaurant or think your favorite taco spot has the best in the state, there's a contest they can enter to see who has the "Tri-State’s Best Taco."

The judging panel consists of professional chefs, media, and food writers and they will pick the winner for these 5 categories:

  • Best Beef Taco
  • Best Chicken Taco
  • Best Pork Taco
  • Best Seafood Taco
  • Best Veggie Taco.
Creative Headline via Unsplash
Creative Headline via Unsplash

Do you have a pet Chihuahua? There’s a costume contest for them which I think might be the best part of this festival.

The NJ Taco Festival is happening on Sept. 10 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds so mark your calendars now.

If tacos aren't your thing, I bet pizza is.

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