You may have heard me called Lifeguard Lou on the air recently, but I just play one on the radio. The real lifeguards of the Jersey Shore are the real life heroes.

When you think of all the hard work and training these women and men go through to keep all of us and all of our families safe each time we're in and around the water, and you add the additional challenges of COVID this season, there has never been a better time to pay tribute to them.

And then there is the fact that this has been another tough season with rip currents, and there is no doubt that our brave lifeguards at the Jersey Shore certainly deserve our praise and appreciation.

So, to all those lifeguards out there, thank you for all you do, and thanks for keeping the people we love safe. And thank you you for putting your health and safety at risk for others.

So, in case you were wondering why I've been getting called Lifeguard Lou lately, that's because we've teamed up with NJSwim, celebrating their new location in Brick with a chance for you to win 3 months of swim lessons for your child.

That's a great way to keep them safe! And all you need is the 94.3 The Point App for your chance to wine each weekday morning at 7:50 when I announce the Swim Code for the day. Good luck!

And once again, thanks to all the brave people who are serving as real lifeguards this summer. We appreciate all you do for the community!

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