I'm a big believer of paying it forward. No matter what your situation in life may be, help others if you can. A Little Silver woman is doing just that after beating the worst of odds.

Noelle McNeil of Little Silver was an accomplished horse rider and junior in college when she had an accident while riding. The fall put Noelle into a coma and she was rushed to Robert Wood Johnson. Specialists gave her only a 1% chance of a full recovery.



After coming out of the coma, Noelle was in a wheelchair and had a feeding tube. Massive rehabilitation was in store. She would have to learn how to talk, walk and eat all over again. This once extremely active equestrian was now at a point in her life when she admittedly wanted to call it quits.

After nearly half a year of rehab, Noelle now 21, returned home to a very different world than she was used to. She wasn't your average 21 year old. Noelle felt the need to use her struggles to help others.

She went back to school and graduated from Monmouth University with aspirations of a career in healthcare. Noelle payed it forward by talking to high school students and doctors about her miraculous journey. A journey she was not expected to live through.

Noelle made quite an impression on Director of Neuroscience at Meridian. The Doctor realized that the fact Noelle fully recovered from the most severe of all brain injuries is a miracle. He was also in awe of her determination to make a difference by sharing her story and inspiring others. The Doctor hired Noelle as the Community Ambassador of Meridian Neuroscience where she aids in patient recovery and education. She has job experience that very few have...she lived it.



Read Noelle's blog that details her experiences and allows her and others to send messages of hope.

My Grandfather and Father have passed along a saying that I think about everyday. It's from Winston Churchill: "Never give in, never give in; never; never; never; never." For Noelle McNeil, she did just that.


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