An adorable Ocean County girl had the best reaction ever when opening her birthday surprise...and it was all caught on tape!

Madison Peck of Manchester turns 5 years old today, March 13th, and she has wanted to be a big sister for years.

Her mom Kimberly, a 14-year cancer survivor, told me, 'We were in Storybook Land [amusement park] in...2013...and they have a little chapel there...and she walked in and she got on her knees and she said out loud, 'Dear God, I would like a sister.'"

(Did it suddenly get really dusty in here??)

The Pecks adopted Madison from China, and decided then to try and adopt another Chinese baby girl so that Madison would have someone with a similar story to hers. Kim said, 'The process of adopting from China is a long one, but we finally got approved on Monday, and we couldn't wait to tell her.'

Earlier this week, Madison opened a wrapped framed photo of her new little sister Charlotte Mei, and had the most priceless reaction that is spreading smiles across the country!

And when I talked to Madison about her birthday surprise? Well, she's still just as excited, saying 'I'm really excited! My sister is really cute. I am going to be a great big sister!'

And then I melted. I can honestly say talking to her for just 5 minutes made my whole day!

Listen to part of my interview yesterday with Madison:

Kimberly said they decided to film the moment when Madison learned about her new sister status because though they weren't sure how she would react upon finding out, but they wanted to have it for them to remember just in case. Good thing they did!

The Pecks should be able to bring Charlotte home by the early summer. Kimberly said, 'We will be on the boardwalk with our two daughters and life will be perfect.'

You can listen to part of my interview yesterday with Kim Peck here:

Congratulations to the whole Peck family!