A Beachwood man was shot and killed just before 11 p.m. last night by police outside of an Ocean County bar.

The Point News Department reports that 52-year-old Mark Tanouye was shot outside High Velocity Sports Bar & Grill on Rt 9 (Atlantic City Blvd.) in Beachwood.

Sergeant Bruce Harris was in uniform and on patrol in the area when patrons in the bar parking lot allegedly directed his attention towards Tanouye, who was holding a small-caliber handgun.

Harris repeatedly told him to drop the weapon, and when he didn't, Harris fired one shot, fatally wounding Tanouye.

Harris was placed on adminstrative leave pending investigation of the incident.

With the news of this morning's deadly theater massacre in Colorado, hearing about a fatal shooting, whether Police-involved or not, in our area just makes everything a little more intense.

Why was someone carrying a gun in a bar?

I was at that place once a few years ago, and it's not that far up the road from our current studios.

It would be naive to think that shootings never happen in Monmouth and Ocean Counties -- obviously they do, in some places have seen more than others -- regardless, I know that it happens.

What's so shocking about this incident is that it happened in such a public place. There were patrons in the bar that had to be sent home.

Imagine going out for a few drinks with friends, or heading to the movies with your family...something you've probably done many times before. You're probably picturing nothing but having a good time.

Now these places are suddenly the setting for violent and deadly situations? We have to worry about who around is carrying a gun and whether or not they will start using it?

We shouldn't be scared into never leaving our homes because of these incidents, but I can't help but think twice about going to a movie, the mall, or other public places now. I know the shooting in Colorado is an isolated incident, but you can't help but wonder about it happening here.

Are we ever really safe?

Do either of these shootings make you worried about going out to public places? Share your thoughts below.