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Lottery fever is hitting New Jersey  this week! Two big games have payoffs at between $730,000.00 and $850,000.00 million dollars!

I'll be honest I am not a big lottery player and usually I won't buy a ticket until it's games like this that have historical payoffs. Maybe you agree or disagree but I believe it only takes one ticket and if it's meant to be it's meant to be. I have been in office pools where we buy hundreds of tickets and we get five dollars back lol and then there ends up being one winner .... with "one" ticket. So I will buy my one "Power-Ball" ticket and my one "Mega-Millions" ticket and see what happens.

Mega-Millions  has a huge jackpot drawing Tuesday Night (1/19/21) one of the largest payouts in the history of the Mega-Millions. Tuesday Nights drawing is estimated to be worth $850 million dollars, and could grow!

Power-Ball is reaching near records as well with a Wednesday Night drawing (1/20/21). The Power-Ball jackpot for Wednesday night is estimated at $730 million dollars.

Now my question I'm asking myself is "do I go to separate locations to get each ticket or just buy both at the same spot since it only takes one ticket to win?"


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