Oh, silly Facebook! It thinks Lou and I are celebrating 7 years of friendship, LOL!

In case you missed it on our show this morning, Facebook decided that Lou and I should have a Friendversary...complete with a montage of photos of us together put to music.

As if that's not bad enough...those funny Facebook people wrote things like "looks like you twi really like each other" which is, well, quite disturbing for co-workers to have to read about each other.

Memo to Facebook: Stay out of our personal lives and make sure that those who celebrate Friendversaries are TRULY friends and not two people who have spent 15 years trying to stay as far away from each other as possible! LOL!!!

If there was a 'co-worker-versary' or an 'acquaintance-versary' then maybe that would have been a little less meddlesome.

But don't make it seem like we LIKE each other, for crying out loud!

Check out the video:

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