The huge jackpots for Power Ball and Meg Millions came and went, but even when Power Ball is at a $23 million jackpot it’s nothing to sneeze at. So when we found out the Power Ball jackpot winner from the last drawing was from New Jersey, we were thrilled.
So thrilled that I started thinking I should probably put myself in the best position possible with my newest Garden State bestest friend by reminding the big winner of our rock solid relationship. So here’s my open letter to New Jersey’s latest millionaire.

Dear Bestest Friend,
Hey buddy! How have you been? Anything new with you? I’ve been meaning to call you lately, but things have been just so crazy around here.
Just a few things I wanted to mention while I have your attention.

First of all, are you literally the only person in history to have lost weight during the pandemic? You look really great! And I’m not just saying that because you might have run into some good fortune lately. I mean it!

So, when are we gonna catch up on things. I haven’t been to the Passaic County area in a while, but I think it would be really good for our already solid relationship to get even stronger. Don’t you agree?

Let’s talk real soon you generous wonderful giving bestest BFF in the world! I miss you! And even if you don’t remember me, I forgive you. With everything going on it’s understandable. We’ll think of a way for you to make it up to me!

Your bestie,

P.S...And by the way, for those $1 million and $50,000 winners, especially the one in Little Silver, your letters are coming soon!

The winning ticket from the drawing Saturday was $23.2 million and the there were 2 $1 million prizes and three $50,000 winners in the Garden State. Lucky us. Get a  the lottery info at the New Jersey lottery website.

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