Mallomars are back on store shelves. And Happy Birthday to this greater-than-S'mores cookie that was sold in our great state before anywhere else in all the land. Here are some cool Mallomars facts:

1. Nabisco first sold these cookies to a grocer in NJ, so we were the first to ever taste Mallomars.

2. 70-Percent of all Mallomars are only sold in our Tri-State area. Pity the rest of the world!

3. This month is the 100th birthday of Mallomars. Happy Birthday!

4. Mallomars are only sold from September through March That's because in the old days the chocolate would melt due to lack of refrigeration. But, due to tradition and regardless of modern coolants, we still can't get Mallomars in the spring and summer. Which is why I highly suggest freezing a couple of boxes to carry you over or to surprise someone when you serve them for dessert in July!

5. From the day you purchase your Mallomars, they will stay fresh in the unopened box for up to 6 months. Once you open the package, though, all bets are off. Particularly because all of the cookies will end up in your belly way before you have to worry that they went stale.

6. Which is older, Oreos or Mallomars? CLICK HERE for the answer and other useless yet meaningful facts about Mallomars!

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