Calling the attention all Manalapan residents: I have information that you need to know.

If you live in this Jersey Shore town, you will have fewer chances per week to get rid of your garbage and recyclables.

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Originally, garbage and recyclables were being picked up two times per week. Now, that will be reduced to only one garbage pick up per week.

And you know why this change is being made: MONEYYYYYYY.

Fun Fact: Manalapan is one of the few Jersey Shore towns who uses township funds for garbage and recycle collections.

“In the end it was close to $1 million a year to stay with the same pickup. Money speaks volumes,” said Mayor Jack McNaboe who revealed that this new plan was approved at a 5-0 unanimous vote.

This new pick up schedule will go into affect on April 3rd. This is because the twice-a-week pick-up schedule is under a contract that ends March 31st.

There will also be new limitations to what the town will pick up in addition to the schedule change.

According to, there will now be a ban on recycleables such as, "pizza boxes, plastic bags and other [similar] products," due to increased costs.

“Monetarily it makes no sense to pick up recyclables. It is the law and it is the right thing to do, but we only have to do it every other week by law,” the mayor said. “We used to get paid $45 a ton for recycling, now we pay $80 a ton to take it away.”

But I am personally not surprised that a lot of residents have already vocalized their concerns about keeping garbage in their home for up to 7 days.

“Once-a-week pickup is a concern for people who live in this complex,” said Christopher Chervin, a resident of the Knob Hill Manalapan development. “And we live close to each other and our garbage cans must remain in our garage. The odor is going to be incredible and it will go through our homes.”

 “This is quite a concern for us, we have a serious trash problem now, a cutback to one day a week would be detrimental to the neighborhood as a whole,” said Manalapan resident, Jackie.
Do you think this change is going to bring up other sanitary issues down the road?
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