It's tough writing articles like this. On Monday, February 1st, unfortunately, the Cardilla family lost their Manasquan home of 20 years. The Cardilla's lived next door to Squan Tavern. Thankfully the family got out safe from the blaze. However, they lost all of their personal belongings and cherished memories. RoseMarie is a single guardian who works in Manasquan and she is a very active member of the community. "Aunt Ro" is the guardian of Nate Cardilla who is a senior at Manasquan High School. He has been in the school district since kindergarten. My thoughts are with the Cardilla's and hopefully, the power of the internet can help them get back their feet!!

HOW YOU CAN HELP: A HUGE shout out to Maggie Weeks and Isabella Ragan for organizing a GoFundMe fundraiser. In just hours the GoFundMe account has raised thousands of dollars. The goal is to hit $50,000. Maybe we can raise even more than that!! Jersey Shore pride is something special and I know we can reach an incredible number.

You can donate now by CLICKING THIS GOFUNDME LINK. I wish nothing but a smooth transition for the Cardilla's.

Also, a special thank you to our first responders from Manasquan and the surrounding towns. Their effort in fighting the fire during tough weather conditions was outstanding. Our first responders around the Jersey Shore are special human beings, THANK YOU - Jimmy G

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