Oxana got her first sewing machine when she was 12 because she wanted to make clothes for her dolls. But what she is making now could help us all!

When Oxana became a mom of a little girl, it sparked in her a protective instinct to do two things: provide her child with the things she wanted by making them herself, and to help save the planet in the process.

Oxana started by making and selling reusable doll diapers, because she couldn't stand the idea of using disposable doll diapers and throwing them out after just a couple of uses.

But then she realized she could take that idea a step further to help reduce our eco- footprint and eliminate the use of disposable products.

(Kaerina's Bowtique sponge, photo by Ben Fig)

Now Oxana is making 'unpaper' towels, reusable dinner and lunch napkins, reusable dish sponges (I love them!) and reusable facial rounds. She is even making reusable baby wipes. They are made with 100% cotton with no harmful chemicals or finishes.

(Katerina's Bowtique napkins, photo by Oxana)

All of these hand-made products are used just like disposable ones, but by going green she is helping save our environment AND money that would otherwise literally be thrown out after one-time uses of the products you buy.

(Katerina's Bowtique baby wipes, photo by Oxana)

Oxana, for the most part, uses fabric that she 'rescues' from someone who doesn't need it. That's how she keeps her prices lower than similar items on Etsy.

Oxana still makes cute doll diapers for her daughter, Kate's, dolls. In fact, Oxana gets most of her inspiration from Kate's ideas and desires.

(Katerina's Bowtique makeup remover rounds, photo by Oxana)

But even if you don't have a little girl with dolls...she has so many products that we can all use. I got two of the kitchen sponges and wondered why I have been using anything else all this time. All I do is use one, then, when it needs to be washed, I throw it in the laundry and use the other one. They get clean and there is no bacteria buildup, and I am saving money!

(Katerina's Bowtique Unpaper Towels, photo by Oxana)

I can't wait to get the napkins and paper towels! I love that the 'non-paper' towels can go on a paper towel roll. You just snap one off when needed! Then throw it in the laundry and reuse it again and again! The napkins, wipes, and makeup round-wipes are fabulous, too!

Saving the environment AND money? With all-natural ingredients? I'm in!

Oxana's crafts are sold under the name "Katerina's Bowtique". CLICK HERE to see everything!