The world's largest fast food chain is being sued by three New Jersey men, one from Monmouth County, claiming that their $5 foot long measured less than 12 inches.

(photo: Subway Facebook page)

Jason Leslie of Marlboro filed a class action suit in U.S. District Court in New Jersey on Wednesday through his lawyer.

The lawsuit claims Subway cheated its customers by giving them sandwiches with bread that measured short of 12 inches. The lawsuit said Leslie has bought $5 Foot long subs from Subway stores in Freehold, Marlboro, Howell and Middletown for at least seven years, as well as from stores in Middlesex and Ocean counties.

This all started when the New York Post published a picture of an Australian man measuring a sandwich with a ruler from Subway's Facebook page.

New York Post

Subway says that the size of bread can vary from store to store if a franchisee doesn't follow corporate standards.

One of the other three men filing suit in Jersey went to the length of buying 17 different sandwiches and measuring all of them. Each came up short of 12 inches.

Class action suits have been filed and Subway has yet to comment.


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