Many of you already know this amazing man, some of you have heard of him and for those who don't, I want to introduce you to my friend Ronald Brooks of Brick Township. As part of my ongoing series "On the Streets of Ocean County" I want to use this week's article to bring you this amazing man's story and our friendship.


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Ronald and I have become friends over the years and every day I'm treated by a text from Ron saying "Good Morning Brother, Have a Blessed Day" and I look forward to hearing from him each morning. This man is truly inspiring and we need more Ronald Brooks' in this world....which would make this world a better place to live.


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I just saw Ronald at the season opener with the Jersey Shore Blueclaws. You know the voice if you have been to a game at First Energy Park in Lakewood. Ron did his fantastic rendition of "God Bless America" and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch at Tuesday's season opener, an opener that we waited for, for a year. It was a perfect way to kick off the new season and for me, a chance to see Ron, give him a hug, and introduce him to my wife. I loved Ron's response to meeting April "I love this girl" shouted Ron, brought a smile to all of us. :)


Steve Meyer
Steve Meyer


Kevin Williams did an article on Ron, several years ago, and his story and provided me with all kinds of information about Ron and his story.

Ron was born with severe leg problems and at the age of ten had both legs amputated....but that didn't stop Ron from living his life to the fullest.

Ron was given up for adoption and spent his early years in a Philadelphia orphanage when he met a family from Brick and was eventually adopted.

Ron went to Brick High School where he competed in sports, he wrestled for the Green Dragons. He also was a member of the chorus and radio station! Ron went on to attend Villanova University where he majored in Communications. His story is truly one of overcoming challenges and taking on life with a positive mental attitude and I think this is an important story to share especially following the year we have had dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

I am grateful I can call him a friend and I hope this inspirational story motivates you to live life to the fullest and next time you're at a Blueclaws game and you hear that booming voice singing, you will know that is Mr. Ronald C Brooks! Well done :)


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