The Popcorn Park Zoo in Ocean County, welcomes this beauty.

The Associated Humane Society, which operates this awesome Zoo in Forked River for animals both large and small who would otherwise have no home, including everything from ex-circus animals to cats and dogs in need of homes, brings us this story about Kit:

"[This Silver Fox] was purchased at a flea market in Kentucky by a family that thought it would be neat to own a fox as a pet. They lugged the poor little fox everywhere to show him off and posted all his pics on social media. Fortunately, Fish & Wildlife also keeps an eye out on social media for just this kind of thing, (wildlife in the hands of people who aren't permitted or just shouldn't have them as pets). They tracked down the family and they confiscated the fox immediately." He too domesticated to ever be released into the wild, but Popcorn Park is happy to add him to their family.

Unfortunately, the Silver Fox is bred for the fur trade (and sometimes sold as pets). So Popcorn Park is hoping that Kit's story can draw some attention to this awful fox trade industry that breeds and kills foxes like Kit to be made into fur coats :(

So what can you do to help? Well, Kit could use a sponsor family to show him how loved he is!  To Sponsor Kit and to get updates and photos of him throughout the year plus passes to Popcorn Park, CLICK HERE.

If you aren't familiar with this animal refuge called Popcorn Park, CLICK HERE for all of the details!

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