The mega sites are gearing up Gov. Phil Murphy said New Jersey is ramping up for the expected federal guidance on a third COVID-19 vaccine dose. Since we have a little experience in all this experts feel we will have them up and running almost immediately.  Will you be getting shot 3?

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Gov Murphy says New Jersey will be ready for what comes next...

"Even without federal guidance, we continue to work across all levels of government and with our health care networks and providers to ensure we are prepared whenever that authorization comes down"

Today Gov Murphy said that the window for boosters could be soon for many of us who were vaccinated from the get-go.  He wants to be ready to serve those folks who got their second doses as recently as six months ago (if those are indeed the federal guidelines). There is no waiting around, they are anticipating a very high demand for the booster.

The plan is for mega sites to cover North, Central and South Jersey and for all 21 counties to have a vaccination site that people can be directed to as well as the existing locations already in place.

If it is allowed at the 6 month mark vs the 8, 2.4 million people might be eligible for a third dose right away.

At this point we are waiting on federal guidelines to see who will need to get a booster, and when, and as soon as the state gets that information, they will pass that along ASAP.

The debate over booster shots has been ongoing. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee will review expert scientists' recommendation that boosters are not needed.  Other places around the world are moving in the direction of saying yes to boosters such as the UK, Europe and Israel.  Keep scrolling to see how you can improve your immune system while you wait for your booster...

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