Outdoor dining at Jersey Shore restaurants will officially be allowed starting June 15th! Yippeeee!!!

In response, Middletown has come up with some rules for their restaurants to follow as the state continues to reopen.

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The first involves crowd control. As far as seating is concerned, a maximum of 50% of the number of total seats inside the restaurant is allowed.

This next rule is going to affect restaurant owners the most.

According to the announcement posted on the township's website, "restaurant owners need to submit a conceptual plan, property survey or site plan that accurately depicts existing conditions at least 7 days in advance of the proposed starting date of the outdoor dining use."

All fees will be waived for the time being and plans must be submitted to Zoning Officer Marianne Dunn at MDunn@middletownnj.org.

Once plans are submitted, they must be approved by the town's Construction Official, Fire Marshal, Police Chief, Administrator, Director of Planning and Health Department Director.

Middletown officials also warn business owners that if they plan to have outdoor tents or canopies, additional fire codes will have to be met.

As thorough as this process seems, this all does make sense. The town must ensure that all outdoor set ups are safe. It would be a shame to get through the pandemic just to have people injured because all of our I's weren't dotted or our T's weren't crossed.

Here is a full list of everything that each restaurant's application must include:

  • Written statement and explanation including intended days and hours of operation of the outdoor dining area.
  • Site sketch, including parking and seating areas and pedestrian and vehicular access routes.
  • Number of indoor seats.
  • On-site parking capacity must comply with township parking ordinance or existing conditions.
  • On-site handicapped parking spaces must be maintained.
  • Information on any possible plans to use a canopy.
  • Information on any possible plans to sue exterior lights.
  • Written permission from the property owner, if the applicant is not the owner.
  • Proof of liability insurance for outdoor use.
  • Sketch of the proposed seating area, with tables indicated.
  • A fire prevention permit must be obtained, if required.
  • Health Department approval must be obtained, if required.
Take a look at the full announcement on Middletown's website or take a look at the original article at APP.com.
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