It is so frustrating that businesses who have high-quality products continue to shutter their doors.

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This economy is proving to be harder and harder to survive in.

Yes, I have another closing announcement and this one will hit dessert-lovers right in the gut.

According to, Mike's Crumb Cake Factory has closed their Ocean Township location on August 28th.

And guess what inspired this closure?

Those stupid, obnoxious, unnecessary increase in prices for just about every ingredient out there. 

"Prices on everything have more than tripled, and you're lucky if you can even get the things you need to make your products," said owner, Mike Gingrich. "Two years ago, a bag of flour was $5. Now it's $15, and that's just one example.

I will give you one guess at what this bakery's specialty is. Why yes it IS crumb cake. Did you know they offer more than 40 different flavors?

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I know, I know.

"Nicole, why are you rubbing it in?!"

Because there are a few silver linings.

The first is that there is a second Mike's Crumb Cake Factory location in Brick that is remaining open as of now. Their address is 1949 Route 88.

"Closing that location will give me more time to devote to my Brick store, which means I can do more fundraisers for the kids, more donations, and start drawing up plans for a new location," Gingrich said according to


Second is that you will be able to get Mike's crumb cake at the Monmouth Clubhouse Deli in Cobblestone Village.

Third and finally, Mike's Crumb Cake Factory's leadership, "is planning to build a large production facility in Monmouth County within the next few years," according to

If that facility comes to fruition, the Jersey Shore will be swimming in crumb cake and I am 100% fine with that.

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