I got two words for you: FREE BEER!

Great...now that I have your full attention, listen up.

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Miller Lite came up with a rather creative promotion for the upcoming Super Bowl to have the "one up" on one of their biggest competitors, Michelob Ultra.

Miller Lite, who has just one more calorie compared to Michelob Ultra, and they are  using this fact for a genius marketing campaign and giveaway.

The idea is that you have to type 836 characters to burn that one additional calorie that you will consume when enjoying a Miller Lite. So I guess this is their way to help you break even?

They are not making the URL readily available on social media or news outlet platforms to avoid people from copying and pasting the URL...cause that is cheating.

“Miller Lite is adamant that consumers type in the URL to burn that single calorie difference, so in an unconventional marketing move, the brand has opted to make it near-impossible to copy and paste,” the brand said in a statement. “Instead, we’re only releasing the URL as an image or spoken on podcasts.”

At the very least, you can type it all out ahead of time so you can copy and paste it on game day. But triple check that it is correct or else you won't get the $8.00!

It may seem small but hey, every dollar counts! Especially when we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Take a look at the original article for this Miller Lite giveaway at NJ.com.

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