I imagine one of the hardest things for a gay individual to do is figure out how to come out to their parents.

One woman's response to her teen's announcement is absolutely awesome and sure to make you smile.

Mom's response to teen coming out on Facebook


I was surprised by your facebook post where you came out. I want you to know that I love you unconditionally. I love you with my actions, not just words. I'm so proud of you. You are the bravest person I know. I'll fight for you always. Your sexual orientation does not define you. You are still the boy who forever won my heart. The only thing that concerns me is the number of empty soda cups and tea bottles in your room. Throw them away before ants come inside.

I love you always-

I could not possibly love this letter any more. Not only is this a great example of a mother's unconditional love, but proof that moms are never 'off the clock' when it comes to parenting.

I also congratulate her for saying his sexuality does not define him. Amen.

I know I never 'chose' to be heterosexual, and I never felt like I had to announce to the world my sexual orientation, and I can't wait until all people can feel the same way.

Until then, props to Zach's mom for focusing on what's important: raising her son to be a good man with a clean, bug-free room.

What a cool family.

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