Moms never seem to catch a break. Ever.

They are forced to seek 'pee and quiet.'

Let me explain.

stressed mom

I was at a meeting last night with a bunch of women, all moms except me, and while discussing a great idea one mama had, the others were wondering how she came up with it.

She told us, 'Well...I won't lie, I was in the bathroom...just thinking...because, well, it's the only room with a lock on it where the kids might leave me alone for a I kind of was enjoying the peace and quiet...'

Another mom interrupted, 'You mean PEE and quiet.'

I cracked up. I may not have kids, but I know that little is sacred when you become a mom.

As a kid, I followed Mama C. around like a shadow. She couldn't do anything without me either following her, asking her a question, or calling her name.

When she was in the bathroom with the door closed, I at least paused for a second before I bugged her.

The pee and quiet.

I feel for you, moms. (And I'm fully appreciating my pre-kid alone time!)

What's the hardest part about being a mom? Share your thoughts below!

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