For a lot of New Jersey drivers, they may have thought it was a dream come true. There was money falling from the sky. Well, it actually came from a Brink's truck, and no, you can't keep it.

The incident happened yesterday in East Rutherford and many people attempted to get out of their vehicles to grab the cash which actually led to some accidents. But now those people are being told they can't keep the money.

As a matter of fact, keeping the money means you may have broken a law, according to You could be charged with theft of mislaid goods, according to the captain of the East Rutherford Police Department.

So, if you've ever been behind a truck full of money and dreamed of the back door of the truck malfunctioning, which is apparently what happened here, that dream ends with you giving back the money or potentially facing charges.

And by the way, in this case, authorities have already recovered around $7000 and say if you grabbed some of the cash, you need to get that money back as soon as possible. And remember, if something like this ever happens near you, there's no finders keepers.

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