The competition for "best small town restaurant" in America had to be tough, especially in New Jersey. A Monmouth County favorite got the nod though.

Congrats to Bagel Masters in Shrewsbury. According to lifestyle website Thrillist, they are the best small town place to grab a bite.

The site broke it down by state and about Bagel Masters said:

The odds were stacked against Bagel Masters. It closes at 4pm (2pm on the weekends). Its main specialty is bagels, so you won't find any gourmet cuisine here.

I don't know, this looks like gourmet cuisine to me. Lol.

Thrillist went on to say:

The bagels are fluffy, cloud-soft, and bizarrely filling. The staff is on a first-name basis with more locals than the mayor, mailman, and preacher combined. Bagel Masters is the small-town restaurant.

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