We do live in New Jersey so there is no doubt we have to clarify here. When we say the best pie, we are actually talking about a pie, not a pizza. And when it comes to the best pie in a state known for its pizza and its pies, we are proud to say the top pie place in the whole state is right here in Monmouth County.

And it's not just anyone who puts that coveted crown squarely on the head of a local business. It's Food & Wine that's dispensing the honor. The list of best pies in each state was just released yesterday.

So, we are so happy and so proud to be announcing that Food & Wine has announced that the beat pie in the Garden State belongs to our good friends at Delicious Orchards on Route 34 in Colts Neck.

Lou Russo, Townsquare Media
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

And there should be no surprise there. Everyone has their Top Delicious orchards Pie Flavor list, right? Here's mine...

#5 Coconut Custard

#4 Peach

#3 Apple

#2 Blueberry

#1 Pumpkin

And by the way, I could have easily done a top 10. Food & Wine made a pretty big deal about the Apple Crumb Pie, and who can blame them.

There is something so very Monmouth County about Delicious Orchards. After all, the establishment has been in business for over 100 years! That's a lot of delicious pies. See what I did there?

And of course, we all know it's a lot more than just pies at Delicious Orchards. So this holiday season, keep the Monmouth County tradition going and prepare your feast with the goods that only Delicious Orchards can provide.

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