A Spring Lake Heights mom with relatives in Puerto Rico has taken the initiative to collect donations in Manasquan and Belmar.

Diane Rexrode and her mom Carmen Musso (who was born and raised in Puerto Rico but now lives in Spring Lake Heights) have a sister/aunt, niece, and several cousins in Isabela, Puerto Rico and are so worried about reaching them or having any form of contact with them during this devastating time.

Isabela is one of the towns where over 70,000 people have been evacuated because of the failing dam in Guajataca. They also have cousins in Moca and San Juan. Since the hurricane has destroyed power and left people without shelter, water, food, and gasoline, they are doing what they can to help.

Diane is collecting only the immediate items that the governor of Puerto Rico has asked the officials in the U.S. to collect. She will take what she collects to the officials/governor's organizations in NYC, Philly, and Washington D.C. that are able to get flights of supplies into Puerto Rico. Those supplies will be taken to an organization developed by the office of First Lady Beatriz Russello (the wife of the governor of Puerto Rico).

FOR THE MANASQUAN DROP OFF: Today (Tuesday, Sept. 26th) is the only drop off day at this site. From 10 am - 2 pm Diane will be in front of the Acme on the corner of Rt. 71 and Main Street in Manasquan collecting the following items:

First Aid Supplies


Baby Formula

Baby Food


Feminine Hygiene Products

DROP OFF DONATIONS IN BELMAR THROUGH SATURDAY EVENING. Diane's second collection box is at Federico's on Main Street and 7th Avenue in Belmar. You can bring your donations there during restaurant hours.

If you would like to donate but cannot make it to either drop off location today, you can contact Diane through Saturday at 732-567-0654 to arrange for a drop off/donation. Or message her/ check for updates by CLICKING HERE.

Pictured here with Diane is Denise Gratzel from Manasquan who runs a disaster relief organization that was formed after Sandy. She will be flying to Puerto Rico in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more details from her journey.

Here are the names of Diane and Carmen's relatives in case, through the wonder of social media, anyone has any info on them: Filomena Nunez Montano, Iris Roman, Lourdes and Hiram Lopez, all from Isabela...and Mandy Abreu in Moca.

So far Diane has collected over 5 huge bins of supplies and hundreds of dollars in cash.

For more updates and info on safe ways to help in Puerto Rico, CLICK HERE.

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