Has another parent ever took it upon themselves to discipline your child? Read this letter from one mom who has clearly had enough.

"Dear fellow moms and dads,

I've never been fond of the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." In truth, I feel that a nurturing set of parents can do just fine. Please do not ever reprimand my children unless they are putting themselves or others in danger (as in the next step would be a call to the police, fire department or 911.) Any other advice you feel they may need should be a conversation you bring to my husband or me privately. Your unwelcome admonishment has not gone to waste, though; I used it as a springboard to teach about adult bullying -- apparently it's not just for kids anymore.


A Competent NJ Parent"

My question to you, parents, is has this every happened to you and your child/children? If so, how did you handle it?

My personal opinion? The other parent, if she sees a behavior in my child that she doesn't like, should speak to me directly before ever trying to reprimand my kid.




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