I asked you on Facebook to name the restaurants that you would love to see open in Monmouth county this year.

The response was overwhelming.

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One restaurant was easily the number one choice by Facebook fans.

A close second wasn't a restaurant, but another idea.

Many in Monmouth county don't want any more development.

There are a lot of chains around us, and I totally understand not wanting the trees and land that are left to be knocked down for building.

That being said, just because a new restaurant is moving in, doesn't mean there's going to be more development.

There are plenty of open spaces around the county that could easily house one or more of these restaurants.

Another gripe that Facebook commenters had was why are you inviting national chains in when we should be supporting locally owned and operated restaurants?

Excellent point. When I'm looking to eat out, local restaurant wins every time.

Not only do I feel good about supporting local restaurants, but the food is just, well, better.

For example, you can't get better seafood than at the Jersey Shore.

I will say, though, that I've tasted the food at some of these requested restaurants and eateries and while they are chains, the cuisine is tasty.

You'll notice that many of the in-demand restaurants are very regional and stick to one part of the country.

Maybe this shout-out will be enough for them to consider venturing into new territory.

Have you ever been to any of these spots? Would you like them in Monmouth county?

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