We are a lot of things here in Monmouth County. Some of those things are great, and some, not so much. But one thing we know deep down is that we are pretty nice. And it turns out one of our best strengths is just how nice we are. We're so nice that three of our towns made a list of the nicest towns in New Jersey.

Unsplash, Nathan Dumlao
Unsplash, Nathan Dumlao

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Having three towns make the list, released less than a year ago by the travel site The World And Then Some, is pretty impressive, since only 11 towns statewide made the list. There are 21 counties in the state, 11 towns on the list, and three are Monmouth County towns. That's the kind of math I like.

So, which towns came to your mind first? There are a lot of Monmouth County towns that are very nice, so it's a tough decision. Colts Neck is really nice, and so is Holmdel. Asbury Park is full of nice people, and Ocean Grove and Avon are wonderful, but none of those made this list.

Here are the Monmouth County towns that did make the list of the 11 nicest towns in New Jersey...

Allentown...No, it's probably not the first Monmouth County town you thought of, but this western Monmouth County town definitely fits the bill. Enjoy the nice people, the great shopping and the awesome downtown area.

Entrance to the Horse Park of New Jersey in Allentown
Entrance to the Horse Park of New Jersey in Allentown (Google Street View)

Red Bank...Maybe this was one of the towns you thought of when we asked the question originally, and if you did you would be right. The awesome niceness of Red Bank people, not to mention the other well documented qualities of this town landed it on the list.

Basie Center for the Arts
Basie Center for the Arts, Red Bank (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

Spring Lake...In many ways, this one was a no brainer. Spring Lake is like a post card that has come to life, and the super nice people in town make this town among the most beautiful, and one of the nicest towns, in the whole state.

Spring Lake
Spring Lake (Bud McCormick)

These are certainly not the only nice towns in Monmouth County, but the certainly deserve the honor of making this list. Congrats to these towns and all the nice towns in Monmouth County!

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