There is nothing worse than hearing someone from outside our area take the name of one of our beloved Monmouth County towns and turning the name inside out. And one town's name stands alone in this category. 

A lot of people who are not from the Jersey Shore think we mispronounce a lot of things, so maybe we're not the ones to be correcting anyone's pronunciation of anything, but we're going to do it.

And the reason we're going to do it is because we do get sick and tired  of hearing the name of one particular town being destroyed by people not from the area. There are several town names that get mispronounced, but our recent casual survey puts one right on top of the list.

First let's look at some town names that got mentioned during our research that didn't make the top spot, but do deserve a mention.

Lake's not like the New York Governor...not QUO-mo guys...just KO-mo. I know it's a relatively new distinction, but just concentrate on the letters. There's no "u".

Avon by the Sea. We are not selling make up here people. How many times have you heard people say AY - von. The answer...too many!

Interlaken..this only got a few mentions, but people have heard inter - LOCK-in.

And the winner is, no surprise here... Manalapan. Yes, residents cook in Manalapan, but there's no "pan" in Manalapan. We wish the rest of the world knew that.

Now it's time to put a Manalapan in it. See what I did there?

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