Eatontown officials have given the green light for a complete redevelopment of Monmouth Mall -- and not a small one. If it becomes official, this mall will receive a $500 million dollar makeover  thanks to Kushner Companies and Brookfield Properties!

"The redevelopment will create a vibrant, thriving mixed-use center for years to come, and we are grateful to the Eatontown planning board for its approval of the project and its confidence in us to execute it," said Brookfield spokesman Andrew Brent.

There is no exact timeline for the start of construction or when representatives hope for the makeover to be complete because there are still a few other issues that need to be worked out.

The approval also involves zoning changes which mean that lawsuits can still be filed and approval of the state Department of Transportation must be received before anything can be started.

Time will tell but for now, the first step has been put into motion.

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