I thought these cicadas were history...you did too right?  Not so fast. The Brood X cicadas had their fun...they were on trees, on the ground and in my dog's mouth but believe it or not, there's more but they are way different.  Now we have annual cicadas emerging and they aren't quiet about it.

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The annual cicadas, also known as "dog-day cicadas," rise up every year. They get their name because they happen to appear during the hottest time in the summer, the "dog days".  They are bigger, meatier and louder than the Brood Xers.

By the way, the annual cicadas wouldn't dream of stealing a Brood X cicada's thunder, they wait until their cycle is over before they chime in.  Here's what to look for if you're wondering what they look like.

The now gone Brood X cicadas were black with red eyes, but these annual cicadas are a "greenish, brown" and black with greenish-black eyes...dare I say this but they are a tiny bit cute (don't tell them I said that, they'll get a big head). The sound they make is different too...they are a bit louder and they hiss which by the way is not very polite. However, they do quiet down at night which makes up for their hissing during the day.

These guys have better camouflage and are faster making them harder to catch  (who's catching them?)  There are a lot of them too...they feel safe in numbers and they seem to stay up in the trees which is fine by me because even if they are a tiny bit cute, they are still bugs.  We'll have a ton of them until September, but then they say "peace out" by October.

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