The Jersey Shore is preparing for a third coastal storm in less than two weeks, but how much impact will this one have on the Jersey Shore?

That's the exact question we asked our meteorologist Dan Zarrow, and he gives us some optimistic news. According to Dan, this storm will have less impact that the first two storms in this string of Nor'easters.

Here's what you need to know about this round of March weather...

Timing...mixed precipitation will start this evening and continue through the morning hours.  A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect from 8:00 pm tonight (Monday) through tomorrow morning at 10:00am

Amount. There is a possibility of 1 to 2 inches of accumulation with much of it being on grassy surfaces.

Wind. There is the possibility of wind gusts that could reach 40mph at times during the storm.

Flooding. There is a possibility of minor coastal flooding possible at times of high tide during this event.

Dan is calling this a 'minor snow event', calling it 'nuisance snow' and the storm doesn't seem to pack the punch of the previous two, but you should remain alert to any changes, and you can stay up to date on the very latest by checking in to Dan Zarrow's weather blogs.

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