If you are looking for a romantic place to stroll with the one you love, than it doesn't get more romantic than any of our Monmouth or Ocean beaches, right? Wrong.

It turns out that the most romantic beach in New Jersey is not Asbury Park, or Spring Lake. It's not Ocean Grove, Point Pleasant or Avon, either. It turns out, according to a 2019 Trip Savvy article, the Garden State's most romantic beach is Atlantic City.

Hold on a minute. Atlantic City is a lot of things. It's exciting, it's amazing and it's fun. But the most romantic beach? I just don't know. And by the  way, the article doesn't just make it the Garden State's number one. The article calls the AC beach the 4th most romantic in America.

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An I missing something here? There are only 3 beaches in America more romantic than Atlantic City? Put Sanibel Island at #1 and I'm with you. Tell me Dewey Beach, Delaware at #2 and Malibu in the 3 spot and I'm still agreeing.

But calling AC #4 and you lose me. Especially when I feel like you have leap frogged the Monmouth & Ocean County beaches I think run romantic circles around Atlantic City. It just sits wrong with me.

Hey, Atlantic City, don't get upset with me. I do love you. But you have to admit. Romantic, I mean we're talking among the most romantic in the country here? Even you have to admit. It's surprising, right?

But let's not forget the beautiful beaches of Monmouth & Ocean Counties. Sometimes I feel like everybody else does.

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