Many known what a great cook Jon Bon Jovi's dad is. Some have even wished they could get the recipe for his meatloaf. I was lucky this past weekend to get there in time for dinner!

I'm talking, of course, about the JBJ Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant in Red Bank. A great place that you simply MUST visit not only to support our community, but to have a wonderful meal in a classy atmosphere!

This gorgeous restaurant provides healthy, organic, and locally grown food that empowers those in economic despair to have a good meal for their family in exchange for volunteering at Soul Kitchen or a couple of other local non-profits that support those in need. You could be dining right next to someone in need and never know it. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, uniting communities and forming lasting relationships through food.

mo keane
(Liz Jeressi with volunteer Maureen Keane)

There are no prices on the menu. Customers make a donation of $10 for their (wonderful!) meal, and can 'pay it forward' by leaving $20 to cover the cost of someone else's meal. (Some generous customers have left even more than that to help cover others' meals.) Those unable to donate money for their dinner can volunteer work in exchange for their family's meal.

The menu varies but you will get a 3-course meal starting with a soup or salad, followed by a choice of a fish dish, a meat dish, or a vegetarian selection. The meal is finished with a fresh baked dessert. All of the dishes are made with fresh, local, and (when possible) organic ingredients. and are always delicious. And sometimes John Bongiovi Sr. (Jon's dad) comes in to cook up something amazing.

You can even purchase a bottle or two of Bongiovi Pasta Sauces locally at retailers inclusing Shop Rite and Target, with proceed supporting the JBJ Soul Foundation charities for families in need.

Reservations aren't needed at JBJ Soul Kitchen. All are welcome, rich or poor, first come, first served. Located at 207 Monmouth Street in Red Bank, open Wednesday event through Sunday afternoon and evening. CLICK HERE for all of the details.

And a big thank you for a great night of friendship, love, and happiness to GM Lou Morreale, Mary Lou and Dolly (Front of the House Managers) Terrance, Linda, Lauren, Joanne, Patty, Chi Chi, and Geremy...only a few of the people I got to meet that work or volunteer there.

On the wall of the Soul Kitchen is this phrase "Where Hope is Delicious". I couldn't agree more.


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